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Market Policy

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Richy's Products

·At least one new series product put on market per year.

  2013015 Series, see page 2~3 (water boiler) & page 9~10(coffee maker).

  2015035 Series, see page 2~1 (coffee maker).

  201601E Series, see page 4~5 (water boiler) & page 11~12 (coffee make).

  2017018 Series, see page 6~7 (water boiler) & page 13~14 (coffee maker).

  2018DCM030 Series, see page 15 (Pro coffee percolator), 015AE Series, see page 19~20.

  2019DWB020 Series, see page 17~18.

·Product optional configurations are always full prepared.

   For example our 015B Urn, we prepared like follow:

  Variable thermostat.

  Dispenser tap like stainless steel tap, plastic tap.

  Urn Lid like plastic lid, S/S lid.

·Product modifications are available for customers

·Certificate: GS, CE, CB, CETL, RoHS, REACH, LFGB, FDA.

·Each series products have their own generations and we improve each series product  

   every year. New generation will contain our new improvements & our customer’s



Richy's Delivery

·Normally we do FOB,CIF &CNF, for DDP and DDU we are still working on it.

·For better delivery time, 2013-2016 we have:

  2013---Moved to a new factory with 2200 R&D center.

  2015---Another 8400 production facility for different product series of water boiler & coffee percolator.

  2016---Another 280D production facility for customer business division.

·Storage and delivery in batches are available with special agreement both sides.

·Customized delivery plan can 6e drawn up by both sides.


Richy's After-sales Services and Warranty

·Standard product warranty period is 1 year, with 1% free spare parts.

·If products failure rate exceed agreed rate(Normally 3%), Richy will be responsible for it.

·Customized after sales service and warranty policy are available with special agreement from both sides.

·Customers' right and property like trade mark and mould, can be protected by both sides agreements.

·Product insurance, we have started our product insurance policy with our customers in some market, and try to make it as common policy as we can.


Richy's Market Policy and Exclusive Agreement

·We accept exclusive agreement for customer market, normally for 1 year.

   Under the same conditions, the customer has priority of exclusive right after 1 year Eased

   on exclusive sales quantities.

·If exclusive agreement can't make for some reason, we prefer some modification on 

   product to minimize the market conflicts.

   For example, we sell 033 series to Israel market. We can't have an exclusive agreement

   with two customers in same market, but we made modifications with new tap, the new

   design of control base for one of them to avoid the conflict, they are satisfied with these



Richy's Policy on Strategic Cooperation

·We prefer to build up strategic partnership with our customers base an mutual trust,

   understanding and stable cooperation. For strategic partners, we can support with:

  Product solutions with the design from customer and the improvement every year.

  Customized supply solutions like better delivery time or dedicated production line etc.

  Better Trade terms and flexible payment terms.

  One system after sale service and better warranty.


Customer Cooperation & Service Map

 Richy Sales and Customer service Teams are in charge of the sales and marketing,

  Including customers cooperation & service. The Sales Team is classified as below:

·Team S--- Take charge of supervisor, guide and support for Sales Team

·Team A--- Take charge of Europe and Oceania market

·Team 8--- Take charge of Asia and Africa market

·Team C--- Take charge of North America and South America market

·Team Q--- Take charge of China domestic market

Sales team organize & control the order process and service procedure, Management team gives support and assurance.


Transaction Safety / Trade Security with Richy

·Richy's Registration Information}

  One system after sale service and better warranty.

  Export license No.:914406066650206635;

  ISO 9001: 2008;

·Richy's Pl, contract and agreement are all stamped which is registered by China Government;

· Richy's Corporation Credit Investigation is available for customers;

·Product quality policy can have a special agreement.


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