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Happy Running in 2017

Richy always encourage and support the employees to do some sports or exercises to become more healthy, so set up a gymnasium for every staff to do exercises, and some facilities and machine inside, such as running machine, stationary bike, Sit-ups machine and table-tennis table.

Thus, when our top management heard that a half marathon and 5 kilometers running would be held at Jan 1, 2017, they mobilized the staffs to take part in this meaningful great event, and well organized in this event, such as asked every participant to run at least 3 kilometers x 2 times before this running, and let us know the cautions before running.

We gathered the starting line earlier in the morning of Jan 1, 2017, and the Richys runner took photos together with our slogan “start from exercise, win at persistence”. We were crazy excited and waved our arms and cheered when saw the UAV with camera flight over us before running. After start running, our GM Louis played a role as the lead runner of Richy, and encouraged the ladies to keep slow steady running, while we were quite tired and stop to walk after aprx. 2-3KMs run, Louis still stayed with us and encouraged us to keep moving. About 50mins running, we finally reached the end got the shiny commemorative medal. Our HR staffs waited at the finish line and took photos for us when we cross the line, and dispatch milk and bread to us.

Richy organized the staff to participate in this function, not only improve their fitness, but also let them have more opportunity to communicate after work and improves their relationship, in order to strengthen the group cohesiveness.

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