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Richy's South Africa trip supporting rhino protection

There is an old saying in Chinese,勿以善小而不为,勿以恶小而为之, it means that don't miss doing any good thing no matter how insignificant it looks.

Congratulation Surewin pass MGB quality audit

In 2015, we developed a big famous brand customer-MGB, who presents in around 2,231 locations in 33 countries; the major market of this customer is in Europe country such as Germany, France, Nether…

GS certificate for water boiler and coffee maker

 In June 2014, Richy water boiler and coffee percolators (including 015B series, 015C series, 033 series and 035 series) have been granted GS certificate. It is a mandatory requirement for Germany …

CB certificate for water boiler and coffee maker

 In June 2014, Richy water boiler and coffee percolators (including 015B series, 015C series, 033 series and 035 series) have been granted CB certificate. CB test is performed by ITS according to I…

RDA's subsidiary factory is built up and running smoothly

   Foshan Shunde Surewin Electric Industrial Co., Ltd was founded in 2013  as RDA's Subsidiary Factory.  Our factory covers an area of 8650 square meters and the monthly production capacity has re…

CE certification for Water Boiler,Coffee Maker

In June,2014,our whole series water boiler, coffee maker, including 015B Series, 015C Series,033 Series, 035 Series have passed the CE Certification,which means our own catering urn products, can m…

Congratulations on establishment of Richy RDA technical centre

    RDA is the abbreviation of Beverage Appliances Department. Water, coffee and tea-related products are our key business and prospect. RDA has always been the pioneer developing department in Richy.…

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