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Quality Control

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RDA clearly understands product quality control is an important process as it involves all factors in production. So we have set up Quality Control Department to manage and supervise our product quality daily. In 2014, our QC System has built up and including belowmanagement.

1. Management responsibility & quality system
There is a documented quality system, including a quality manual, quality policy, operation procedure under continuous improvement. We set up quality goal and commitment to keep good and advanced equipment to achieve the capacity.

2.Document control.

Document control is including a quality manual, quality policy, operation procedure and guarantee continuous improvement.

3.Supplier Control and Incoming Quality Control.

Almost all suppliers are covered in QC system, follow up audit and annual supplier survey is performed, non-conformance are tracked with corrective action that are verified prior to closure. Incoming inspection are performed as per the inspection instruction for all materials, drawing / specification. Acceptance criteria are clearly defined. Inspection resulted are recorded timely. Non-conformances arereviewed by MRB team (Material Review Board)

4.Warehouse Management

Materials are appropriately stored and labeled, material shelf life and FIFO are under control. Generally good housekeeping are kept and good layout.

5.Product identification / Traceability

Written procedures and system are in effect to accurately retain parts identification and product traceability throughout materials preparation, manufacturing processing, packaging, storage and shipping.


A training program exists with every employee trained and certified, and regularly recertified. The employees performing specialized tasks are properly trained and certified before assign to position. Certificate are available on the job position.

7. Gage and Equipment Calibration

Calibration system are properly maintained, no evidence about no calibration or out of expire date exists. A fully documented program are maintained to track calibration status.

8. Manufacturing Process Control

Quality Control Plans with Critical to Quality defined are using as basic guideline for process control, it is updated from continuous improvement program. Inspection and test are performed with the known-best practices (equipment and method) in the industry. Inspection or test data are used to determine process capability (CPK) and statistical process control (SPC). Preventive Maintenance (PM) system performance and downtime are reviewed, monitored and correlate to improvement program.

9. Corrective Action

There is a Corrective Action Request (CAR) system works to address the issues and non-conformances come from incoming inspection,in process audit, inspection and test, customer complaint, internal audit etc?

10. Test laboratory

Test laboratory built to conduct design verification test, life / reliability test, agency approval test etc.


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