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"R & D Center is taking charge of product's design, development, improvement and extension according to market's need. Thanks to the 7 years overseas operation R&D experience with famous brands, now, we have accumulated rich technology and industry experience. So the R & D range has extended from water boiler in 2007, to coffee maker, tea maker, milk urn and other beverage appliances in 2014.

Our R & D Center is classified as below
① R&D Team
② Workshop
③ R&D Supporter
④ Accessory Purchase

Based on the above R&D Center Capability, we offer three services for the moment
①Technical Support on Our Related-business Products
②Maintenance on Customer's Product
③ODM Service

We have a R & D Dept including powerful teams with rich experience, stationing at Surewin Factory to create a strong R&D atmosphere from contacting with the basic line of products production.

Surewin's workshop is build up by 2300 square meters with advanced equipments and resources which is fully meet the needs of R & D . The workshop focuses on producing hardware molds, fixtures , product samples and developing device. We also set up test line and experiment room to to test products about safety, functionality, longevity, salt spray and temperature.


Thanks to cooperating with some well-known domestic companies,all the long time we can improve the design level in products and provide the customers accurate -perfect hardware programmes . These are some R&D partners coorperating with RDA as below

① C407 studio of Guangzhou Academy Fine Arts
C407 Studio is a design office belongs to Guangzhou Academy Fine Arts.In 2009,C407 was founded with 10 impassioned designers and focusing on industrial products' design and development,such as LED lighting, security equipment , health care appliances, consumer electronics,etc. Richy RDA has cooperated with C407 from 2013,some products design programmes have stastified outcome,no mater in the innovation or in the practicality .

②Shunde Ruicheng Core Machinery Co., Ltd.

Ruicheng Company is mainly engaged in producing various types of sheet-metal precision mold, stamping mold, drawing mold,plastic S / H-PVC, ABS, HIPS and other materials squeeze mold .In 2010, Richy RDA has been cooperating with Ruicheng in design and production of fixture,metal,mold and related-parts. It's a meaningful coorperation with Ruicheng as RDA pays attention in R&D programmes.

③ Guangdong Metal Forging Machine Works CO.,Ltd.
As the one of the largest scale and first domestic ISO9000、CQC Approval company in south china, Metal Forging Company is mainly focusing on metal forging equipmenty design, development , manufacture.From 2011, Richy RDA has bought from Metal Forging Company some punching mahines ,tiltable pressure machines,rivet punching machines and argon arc welding machine which has been using in producing professional urns products.

Based on the purpose of controlling accessory quality and meet the project requirement of customers,R &D Center likes to select and purchase the urn accessory personally .In the past 7 years,to meet the procurement requirements,R & D Center have purchased for the products in thermostats , fuses, switches, heating panels, water gauge kit, faucets and so on. It's a learning process to get involved in purchasing for R&D Center .We are happy to provide customers accessory purchase service.

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