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Richy Beverage Appliance Division, abbreviated as RDA, is one division of Richy (Foshan) Industries and Investments Co., Ltd. In 2007, Richy was established and RDA Division was set up at the same time. The main business range of RDA Division is stainless steel catering urn, such as hot water boiler, coffee maker, tea maker and other beverage appliances. In the past 10 years, we have accumulated successful ODM experience in distill urn, mash tun, shabbat boiler and have gained high respect and trust from overseas customers.


In 2013, Surewin Factory was built up and belongs to RDA Division, as Richy's factory whose monthly production capacity in first half 2014 can be 20K pcs. The R&D Dept from RDA Division is stationed at Surewin Factory to create a strong R&D atmosphere from contacting with the basic line of products production.


Now, RDA Division is composed of Plan Resource Manage Team, Production Operate Control Team, Supervisor and Support Team, Sales Team A, Sales Team B, Sales Team C, Sales Team D, R& D Dept, Factories.
As the strong teams we built, we believe that we can be the best at catering urn and beverage appliance area, for we devote all our passion energy and finance resource into it.



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